Does Your Business Need A Commercial Roll-Off Dumpster Rental?


Many businesses have at least one commercial roll-off dumpster rental. Some owners and managers are unsure if they need to go as far as paying for a dumpster though. Those trying to figure out whether they ought to request a commercial dumpster rental should examine these four factors. 

Largest Items

Garbage companies aren't always receptive to taking big items. Even when they're willing to do so, they may assess an additional fee for anything that exceeds the size of a typical garbage bag. A major advantage of using a commercial roll-off dumpster is that the provider is usually willing to haul off whatever you can fit in it. If you're going to regularly throw out even a couple of large items every few weeks, a roll-off dumpster may be the ideal solution.

Weight of Materials

Weight is also a notable issue. Some stuff just isn't going to work in garbage bags, even if you buy the nice ones with the reinforced structure. If the materials are going to be heavy, it's better for both you and the garbage disposal company to use a dumpster.

Be aware, however, that you should know the weight limit for a specific unit. If you need a bigger commercial dumpster rental, ask for one. Otherwise, the garbage company might have to unload the one that's there so they can haul it with a bigger vehicle. They will charge you extra for the hassle so it's better to get it right.


Some businesses produce lots of waste. Restaurants, for example, have to deal with everything from spoiled meat to bones. It adds up quickly, and a commercial roll-off dumpster rental is the best way to handle it.

This is especially true for businesses that hold events. A restaurant might have a normal amount of waste most days of the week. However, hosting a big party could easily fill the dumpster. Having a roll-off allows you to call the garbage company to request an additional pick-up so you can have a clean dumpster after a big event.


Businesses also frequently have to comply with industry or government standards. If a business is in a high-visibility location, for example, the local government may require dumpsters to keep waste out of sight. Some operations also need to cleanly separate their waste into bins to prevent contamination risks. A dumpster can serve that role while the garbage company provides regular service.

Contact a local commercial dumpster rental service to learn more.


16 March 2023

That's Trashy... In a Good Way!

When someone says something is "trashy," they usually mean it in a negative way. But we have chosen to reclaim that word. Because we are writing a blog about garbage bins, we will hereby declare the word "trashy" to have a positive connotation. Garbage bins can get trashy because that's just what they do: hold trash. Without them, the streets would certainly be a lot messier, so in that way, we have garbage bins to thank for keeping our spaces clean. That's trashy -- in a good way. As you read this blog, we suspect you'll come to agree that being trashy is not a bad thing if you're a garbage bin.