Tips For Getting The Most Out Of A Dumpster Rental


If you are in need of a dumpster for a remodeling project or a total cleanout of your home or a rental property, you will want to keep reading. The reason is that the dumpster rentals are not cheap so you want to make sure that you are doing everything you can to make the most of the dumpster while you have it. Here are some suggestions to help you with that:

Get The Bigger Size

It is always better to get a larger dumpster than what you think you will need. The reason for this is that a lot of people end up finding themselves with a full dumpster and still have things that need to be put in it. Also, while the larger dumpsters will cost a little more than the smaller ones you were looking at, it is usually worth the few extra dollars in order to have the security of knowing all of the debris will fit and you will not have to rent a second dumpster.

Pack It Starting In The Back

You will want to open the dumpster door so you can carry in all of the debris that you first start bringing out. Carefully arrange the debris so there is not a lot of dead space. Dead space is space that is between debris, where a lot of things could be put but it's not being utilized. Packing the dumpster as tightly as possible will help ensure that you are getting the most out of your rental. As the dumpster starts to fill up, you can close the dumpster door and start throwing the rest of the debris up and over the edge of the container. Just be careful to only do this with light debris or with the help of someone else so you do not risk dropping anything on yourself and getting injured.

By taking the previously mentioned tips into consideration, you should find that you are going to have little trouble getting the most out of your upcoming dumpster rental. All you need to do now is to spend a little time searching for local dumpster companies. Try to find a reputable dumpster rental company that is not too far away from you so you are not charged extra because of the distance they would have to go in order to get one of their dumpsters to your location. 

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8 March 2023

That's Trashy... In a Good Way!

When someone says something is "trashy," they usually mean it in a negative way. But we have chosen to reclaim that word. Because we are writing a blog about garbage bins, we will hereby declare the word "trashy" to have a positive connotation. Garbage bins can get trashy because that's just what they do: hold trash. Without them, the streets would certainly be a lot messier, so in that way, we have garbage bins to thank for keeping our spaces clean. That's trashy -- in a good way. As you read this blog, we suspect you'll come to agree that being trashy is not a bad thing if you're a garbage bin.