How To Avoid Extra Dumpster Rental Fees


Renting a dumpster can be overwhelming and expensive if you don't plan well. On the other hand, removing waste on your own is more costly because of gas, several trips to the dump site, and wear and tear on your car. It's possible to rent a dumpster at an affordable price and solve all your waste disposal needs. Here are tips to minimize dumpster rental fees.

Overage Fee

You will incur unnecessary costs when you rent a dumpster that is too small or too big. If the dumpster is too small, you will spend time disposing of waste. In the end, you will have to get a bigger dumpster; this is an additional cost.

Some people fill the dumpster beyond the recommended space limit because it is too small. Dumpster rental companies charge an overage fee for exceeding the dumpster's weight limit. Similarly, paying for a big dumpster is a loss when you have little waste to haul. 

To avoid the overage fee or additional expenses related to the size of the dumpster, ask the trash removal company to estimate the correct container based on the amount of waste you want to get rid of.

Disposal Fee

If the items you load into your dumpster require recycling or additional processing, you may be required to pay a disposal fee. Some of these items include appliances, electronics, and mattresses. Ask the dumpster rental representative to indicate the things that need additional processing so you know what you should dump yourself to avoid the disposal fee.

Additionally, you will have to pay a disposal fee if you throw debris that isn't allowed in your dumpster. Also, if you rent a dumpster for a particular type of waste, like concrete, but you mix it with other debris, you may also be charged the disposal fee. To avoid this fee, ensure you dispose of the appropriate waste in the dumpster.

Dry Run Fee

You must clear the way for drivers to access the dumpster easily. If the dumpster is blocked by cars or is behind a locked gate, the driver will not be able to reach it. Also, if you tell the driver to come back later, you will incur a fee.

Dumpster rental companies charge a dry run fee because of the cost of sending a driver out and operating the truck. Ensure the dumpster is easily accessible and don't delay the driver when they come to pick up the waste materials.

Relocation Fee

When renting a dumpster, you must be clear about where you want the company to place the dumpster. If a driver places the container in a spot that you don't want and you ask them to move it, you will be charged. To avoid paying the relocation fee, clearly indicate where you want the driver to place the dumpster.

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2 February 2023

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